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Apple is stepping up its game in the field of artificial intelligence by developing its own chatbot which is soon going to be released, codenamed “Apple GPT,” to rival industry giants like OpenAI and Google. Apple has been hard at work on creating large language models, similar to offerings like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. While Apple has yet to finalize its strategy for releasing the technology to consumers, a significant AI-related announcement is expected next year.

The “Ajax” Framework: Apple’s Foundation for Language Models

Apple has taken a different approach in building its language models, creating an internal framework named “Ajax” for this purpose. Ajax utilizes Google Cloud and was constructed using Google JAX, Google’s own machine learning framework. This innovative framework serves as the backbone for Apple’s chatbot, allowing the company to develop large language models in-house.

Initially, the internal rollout of the chatbot was delayed due to security concerns surrounding generative AI. However, after addressing these concerns, Apple has expanded access to more of its employees. Nonetheless, access to the chatbot still requires special approval, and any output from it cannot be used to develop features intended for customers.

Use Cases and Similarities with Existing Chatbots

Apple employees are currently utilizing the chatbot to aid in product prototyping. The chatbot’s capabilities include summarizing text and providing answers based on its training data. Although it shares similarities with existing commercial chatbots like Bard, ChatGPT, and Bing AI, Apple’s version doesn’t feature any distinct additional functionalities.

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Apple’s Seeking A.I Talents

Apple has been actively seeking talented individuals in the field. The company has posted several job openings on its career page, specifically targeting experts in generative AI. Apple is on the lookout for engineers with a profound understanding of large language models and generative AI, signaling its determination to compete in this rapidly evolving space.

Balancing AI Advancements with Privacy Concerns

Apple’s approach to AI development is centered on addressing potential privacy concerns related to artificial intelligence. CEO Tim Cook has emphasized the company’s commitment to adding AI features thoughtfully and responsibly across its products and services. While other tech giants rushed to release generative AI products to the public, Apple has taken a more measured and cautious approach, prioritizing consumer privacy and security.

The Future of Apple GPT

As Apple continues to refine and expand its language model capabilities, consumers can anticipate a significant AI-related announcement from the company in the coming year. With a focus on privacy, user experience, and potential applications in tasks like drafting essays and generating images, Apple GPT aims to cater to the growing demand for generative AI tools. As the competition in the AI landscape intensifies, Apple’s foray into large language models signals its commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation.

Downloading AppleGPT & Using IT

According to speculations it will be available on iOS at first to use it rather than a web based chatbot. But no info is provided about its release date.


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